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Midland, TX

Texas Cubano


Cubano MOD:No Jalapeno No Cheese Extra Cheese Extra Brisket +$2Extra Ham +$2Extra Jalapeno No Brisket No Ham Extra Sauce +$0.50No Sauce Side of BBQ +$0.502 oz Queso +$1Add Pickles Add Onion +$0.50Add Mustard Add Mayo Side of Ranch Add Philly Meat +$2Add Mushrooms +$0.50Add Bell Peppers +$0.50Add Bacon +$2
Regular Sandwich Sides:Lattice Cut Chips Homemade French Fries Onions Rings +$3Tater Tots +$3Sweet Potato Fries +$3NO SIDE
Upgraded Sandwich Sides:Garlic Parmesan Fries +$1Garlic Parmeson Tots +$4Parmesan Chips +$0.50Side Court Fries +$1.50Side Court Tots +$4.50Queso Fries +$1Queso Tots +$4Shredded Cheese Tots +$4Pickle Dust Chips +$0.50Pickle Dust Fries +$0.50Pickle Dust Tots +$3.50Franks Hot Fries +$0.50Franks Hot Chips +$0.50Franks Hot Tots +$3.50Lemon Pepper Fries +$0.50Lemon Pepper Tots +$3.50Honey Habanero Chips +$0.50Honey Habanero Fries +$0.50Honey Habanero Tots +$3.50Candied Bacon Chips +$0.50Candied Bacon Fries +$0.50Candied Bacon Tots +$3.50
Extra Ranch:Extra Ranch +$0.502 Extra Ranch +$1Extra Bleu Cheese +$0.75