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Midland, TX



A 1/2 lb. juicy beef patty on brioche bun with your choice of cheese. Served with lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

Sandwich Cheese:Pepper Jack Cheddar Cheese White American Cheddar Jack Provolone No Cheese Queso
Sandwich Sides:Lattice Cut Chips Homemade French Fries Onions Rings +$3Sweet Potato Fries +$3Side Salad +$4NO SIDE Garlic Parm Fries +$1Queso Fries +$2
Burger Garnish:Add Bacon +$2Add Fried Egg +$1Bell Pepper +$0.50Extra Lettuce +$0.25Extra Onion +$0.25Extra Patty +$4Extra Pickles +$0.25Extra Tomato +$0.25Jalapeno +$0.50Mayo Mushrooms +$0.50Mustard No Lettuce No Onion No Pickles No Tomato No Veggies Plain N Dry Ranch +$0.50Side of Queso +$0.50

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