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Midland, TX

Buffalo Chicken Wrap


Wrap Flavor:Mild Hot Garlic Parmesan Thai Zing Triple Tangerine BBQ Mango Habanero Sticky Korean Scorchin' Triple Threat Pickle Dust Franks Hot Dry Lemon Pepper Honey Habanero Candied Bacon No Sauce
Wrap MOD:No Tomato No Lettuce Side of Sauce +$0.50Extra Sauce +$0.50Side of Ranch +$0.50No Cheese No Ranch Drizzle Sauce on Side Add Cucumbers +$0.50Add Jalapenos +$0.50Add Onion +$0.50Add Bell Pepper +$0.50Extra Lettuce +$0.25Extra Cheese +$0.50Extra Tomato +$0.25
Regular Sandwich Sides:Lattice Cut Chips Homemade French Fries Onions Rings +$3Tater Tots +$3Sweet Potato Fries +$3NO SIDE
Upgraded Sandwich Sides:Garlic Parmesan Fries +$1Garlic Parmeson Tots +$4Parmesan Chips +$0.50Side Court Fries +$1.50Side Court Tots +$4.50Queso Fries +$1Queso Tots +$4Shredded Cheese Tots +$4Pickle Dust Chips +$0.50Pickle Dust Fries +$0.50Pickle Dust Tots +$3.50Franks Hot Fries +$0.50Franks Hot Chips +$0.50Franks Hot Tots +$3.50Lemon Pepper Fries +$0.50Lemon Pepper Tots +$3.50Honey Habanero Chips +$0.50Honey Habanero Fries +$0.50Honey Habanero Tots +$3.50Candied Bacon Chips +$0.50Candied Bacon Fries +$0.50Candied Bacon Tots +$3.50
Extra Ranch:Extra Ranch +$0.502 Extra Ranch +$1Extra Bleu Cheese +$0.75